About DBWA

About Daily Blog World Australia – DBWA

Daily Blog World is a general news and social commentary blog made by Sean Adriano of Sydney, Australia.

What’s the idea?

The idea is to publish interesting content from Australia and around the world. Sean is a writer and local business owner and often likes to have a way to share his ideas and things that go on in his life. Although there will be articles posted from around the world or general topics the majority of content will have an “Aussie” flavour! Did you notice how we spelt flavour? We added the u, unlike yanks Americans and others around the world. We really have our own tastes and ways to say things. There are also some misconceptions, one of the most common being “Throw another shrimp on the barbie!”. We don’t call them shrimp. They are prawns here mate!

Apparently Aussies like talking about themselves so we didn’t want to spoil the rumors. The general consensus at Daily Blog World is to bring interesting topics related to business and other social news trends – from the land down under.

We hope you enjoy the blog, Seeyas Later!